Aqua-Hot RV Heating Makes the Road a More Comfortable Place

Stay Within Your Personal Comfort Zones

Life on the road has challenges. But life with an Aqua-Hot heating system isn't one of them. Just what do RV owners find so comforting about their Aqua-Hot system:

Quiet Heating – Gentle circulating fans move heated air into the interior and remove cold air, rather than noisily forcing high volumes of air into the space. Air pressure remains even too, so interior heat isn't forced out and lost through cracks around the doors or windows.

Even Heating – Heat exchangers circulate heat from floor to ceiling and side to side, so you won't experience cold spots that suck away body heat or create sweltering hot spots.

Fume Free Heating – Low emission technology virtually eliminates fuel odor for you and your neighbors.

Instant Hot Water – The on-demand system delivers all the hot water you need, as long as you have a supply of water, to do showers, laundry and dishes.

Service Centers – Over 150 Factory Authorized Service Centers, including mobile service technicians, around North America mean one is probably close should you need help.

Added value – The North America Dealer Association reports an Aqua-Hot heating system is proven to be a valuable addition on board any RV or fifth wheel when it comes time to sell and trade-up.

When you experience an Aqua-Hot heating system, you'll understand why nothing feels better than being in your Comfort Zone.

How our Hydronic RV Heating Systems work

At the most basic level, an Aqua-Hot heating system is heating with water. Very similar in concept to radiant heat, an Aqua-Hot system uses a flexible PEX hose distribution system to move hot water from the boiler, where it is produced, through a zonal system to where it is needed.

The boiler is powered by fuel sources. Aqua-Hot TribridHot™ designated systems are able to create heat from one or a combination of sources:

• Diesel or LP fuel when they are dry camping
• AC power, plug in
• Engine surplus heat (N/A on Aqua-Hot 400D or 375D) while they are driving or idling

Inside an Aqua-Hot heater

Heat is absorbed by the water –– circulating in a closed coil system wrapped around the boiler –– and conveyed through the distribution system. It is released into the interior space through heat exchangers. Depending on the Aqua-Hot system, up to five independent heating zones are user-controllable, including an engine pre-heat loop.

The same boiler is designed to heat and deliver hot water as it is used. This means that a continuous supply of water means a continuous supply of on-demand hot water. So to take a shower and do the chores – at the same time.

With an Aqua-Hot heating system you'll always be "just right" even when Mother Nature throws in her mood swings. It's a Matter of Comfort.

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