An Aqua-Hot for Campervans

Model 125D
Ultra-Compact Hydronic Heating for Class B RV’s

The compact heat exchanger unit hides inside cabinetry (white unit above) and is the water heater. As many as 3 heating modules (black units) can be placed throughout the van to bring heat where needed. The combustion unit is exterior of vehicle for noise reduction and CO mitigation.
  • All in One Unit – Fast and easy installation, one unit provides heat and hot water.
  • High Altitude Ready – Adjusts O2 and fuel mix to optimize flame. Won’t soot up, minimal maintenance required.
  • Great for Off-Grid – Uses the vans diesel fuel and minimal electricity.
  • Continuous Hot Water – 110-120F at .8 gpm for kitchen and shower.
  • Quiet – The combustion unit is outside the van and has its own muffler, while low decibel fans provide heat inside.
  • Night Mode – Provides ample heat with further noise dampening.
  • Dual Fuel – Either diesel via a tank sipper or shore power electric.
  • LCD Controller – Up to 3 independently controlled zones, plus test and diagnostic read out.
LCD Screen
LCD Touch Screen Controller
Manages heat and hot water

Compact 11 ½”H x 7 ½”D x 17 ¾”W
Heat Exchanger hides inside cabinetry

One, two or three quiet and compact (13 ½ x 6 ½ x 4”) low air pressure heating units can be placed where heat is needed