Work Ready


Powered by your vehicle’s fuel, our propane powered heating system is offered in single circuit, dual circuit, and triple circuit options. Aqua-Hot WORK READY heating is based on a heating configuration specific to your application, meaning our factory-based team will work with you on the optimum configuration for YOUR fleet needs.

Aqua-Hot C N G H D truck single circuit heater

Single Closed-Circuit Heating
The primary purpose of the WORK READY single closed circuit coolant-based heating system is to provide engine-off preheating. This system offers simple operation with automatic timers. A three position (ON/OFF/TIMER) manual control comes standard allowing you to set the seven-day timer control for operating stop/start times.

The single circuit system is also powerful enough to provide hydraulic fluid heating and supplemental cabin heat for front passengers with the optional Aqua-Hot Cabin Heater – all with very low noise and low emissions. Review Product Details.

Aqua-Hot C N G H D truck dual circuit heater

Dual Closed-Circuit Heating
The Dual Circuit WORK READY coolant-based heating system adds a second circuit to produce heat for up to three thermostatically controlled temperature zones off two primary heating loops, reserving the first circuit for engine preheating. This second circuit can put up to 65,000 BTU/h into the cargo/work box space for warm and productive employees. Review Product Details.

Aqua-Hot C N G H D truck Triple circuit heater

Triple Closed-Circuit Heating
The Triple Circuit WORK READY coolant-based heating system adds a third closed circuit that can be dedicated for heating fluids or potable water used by some industries such as delivery trucks that require spill clean-up, medical trailers and portable lodging units. With this third circuit, the temperature can be set to deliver a continuous supply of water up to 110oF/43oC with zero recovery time. Review Product Details.

If you’d like to speak with someone about your propane powered heating options and what best fits your needs, please call toll free 800-685-4298.