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Frigid mornings can bring a slow start to the workday but, Aqua-Hot WORK READY heating systems have changed that.

No matter what combination of fuels – CNG, LNG, LPG, Diesel – you use for your medium and heavy-duty fleet, there's an Aqua-Hot WORK READY system configurable for each truck.

Even better, our factory-based application team will help you get it right. For one vehicle or a mixed fleet of medium and heavy-duty vehicles, there’s a single or multi-circuit heater that puts heat where you need it. And it’s powered from the vehicle’s fuel.

A WORK READY Heater Delivers. Engine On. Engine Off.

A Single-Circuit heater gets you started on time by preheating the engine, oil pan, hydraulics reservoir, natural gas fuel pressure regulator and even the driver's cabin.

The Dual-Circuit heater adds another heat loop, for example, into the cargo/work box and passenger cabin.

A Triple-Circuit heater allows the addition of a closed circuit potable water-heating loop.

Medium and heavy-duty mixed-fuel fleets – from a CNG sidearm refuse hauler to a 20-ft field truck with a machine shop in the cargo box – can be more productive 24/7 with an Aqua-Hot WORK READY heating system.

Stop Idling. Stay Warm and Ready to Work. Eliminate cold-weather idling and dramatically reduce fuel consumption, oil changes and maintenance. Plus keep workers warm.

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