RV Community - Stories from RVers

Dennie Wise - Boulder, CO
Monaco Coach
“Out of four RVs, the Aqua-Hot is the most comfortable system we have had, it’s just great! It maintains constant heat and we can’t say enough good things about it. It was one of the reasons that we purchased our Monaco Coach.”

Dale Turnbeaugh - Mantero, IL
"We love to sit back and watch other people going to public showers (especially in cool weather) while we bask in our continuous warmth and instant Hot-Water.”

Roger Nace - Nacogdoches, TX
“I’ve been RVing for 30 years. Aqua-Hot is the heating/hot water solution. I’ll never own another rig without one.”

Ron Sloan - Tucson, AZ
“This is our fifth Coach and the Aqua-Hot Heating System is the best yet. It produces hot water all the time without any trouble to get it.”

David Fischer - Albuquerque, NM
“The Aqua-Hot System is one which I would not be without - considering both the unlimited hot water and quiet, good heat in all rooms.”

Bud Hall - Denver, Colorado
"We really appreciate the quality product that is produced by Aqua-Hot. The commitment to excellence and dedication to customer service and user satisfaction are commendable. We have been so completely satisfied with the system that we continue to state to other coach owners that no coach should be made without Aqua-Hot. It should be standard equipment in every coach because of its reliability and excellent performance.”