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Why OEM's choose to partner with Aqua-Hot


When consumers see an Aqua-Hot system on a coach, they know it means three things. One, there’s a dependable, state-of-the-art climate control system onboard. Two, they can expect a better resale value in the future. And three, that the coach they are looking at is a top-of-the-line option and a step-above models that settle for traditional forced air heating systems.

By partnering with Aqua-Hot, OEMs can position their motorhomes ahead of their competition in the eyes of their customers by featuring the best in hydronic heating systems. With multiple models Aqua-Hot systems can elevate recreational vehicles of all sizes (Class A, Class B, Class C, 5th Wheels, and Travel Trailers) offering luxury heating options at every price point and for every RV lifestyle.

Top 5 Selling Points for Aqua-Hot Systems

Safety Certified

4 Systems in 1 Compact Unit: The Aqua-Hot Hydronic Heating System is comprised of 4 systems that have been engineered to work together through a singular unit. The diversified features that result from this innovative design include:
1. Even Interior Heating
2. Protective Bay Heating
3. Instant Hot Water
4. Engine pre-heating*

The all-in-one style of Aqua-Hot systems not only provide numerous high-end amenities, it also equates to a faster install time since all 4 systems come in a single, compact unit.

Higher Price Point

2. Higher Price Point: Recreational vehicles with an Aqua-Hot Hydronic Heating System have an increased value according to the NADA Recreational Vehicle Appraisal Guide. Aqua-Hot systems will also hold their value over time for better resale prices in the future.

Even Heating

3. Providing a Luxury Experience: There is a reason why Aqua-Hot is the market leader in hydronic heating systems, and why RVers who’ve had an Aqua-Hot system will refuse to by another coach without one. It’s because Aqua-Hot is the pinnacle of innovative design and luxury comfort with unsurpassed performance, support and features not offered by competitors.

Service Centers

4. Unparalleled Service: Boasting the best in first-class customer service, Aqua-Hot prides itself on its dependability and support before, during, and after a sale. End users have access to an unmatched national network of authorized service centers (now over 300 centers strong), and Aqua-Hot is continually building the network by offering ongoing training and certification opportunities.

Made in the USA

5. Made In America: All Aqua-Hot units are manufactured and distributed out of Frederick, Colorado, thus minimizing the delays experienced when components have to be sourced from overseas.

Click here to see complete list of OEMs that elevate their coaches by installing Aqua-Hot hydronic heating systems

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