Adaptive Humanity: More Than Just an Overland RV Trek

Adaptive Humanity: More Than Just an Overland RV Trek

After experiencing a devastating accident that led to his right leg being amputated, Matt Hallett set about to transform his life—and that of everyone around him. Founder of Adaptive Humanity in 2020, he and his wife Amber now channel their passion for helping others through a mobile prosthetic and orthotics clinic built into their Mercedes overland RV. Partnering with Aqua-Hot, an Airxcel brand, their latest trek took them 270 miles north of the Arctic Circle, an adventure made comfortable with an Aqua-Hot 125D hydronic heating solution.

The Halletts logged 15,000 miles on their Alaskan journey, including mountain roads and the frigid terminal stretch of Dalton Highway to Deadhorse, Alaska. Their Aqua-Hot 125D kept them warm throughout, developed specifically for diesel Class B camper vans with high-altitude use in mind. Even when camping at 10,000', they didn't contend with the carbon buildup common to other heaters used in these conditions.

Vander, the name chosen for their 2020 Sprinter 170 4x4 that's short for "OverVandering," has three Aqua-Hot heat exchangers: in the front, midsection and inside a storage bay to warm batteries and dry clothing and gear. Not only is the warmth important for their rest, but it's essential when the Halletts are working. "If you're not warm and comfortable, you're going to spend hours, not days, outside," said Matt Hallett. "Outside when it was -20° F, the Aqua-Hot heater kept it a constant 70° inside."

With a goal of bringing Adaptive Humanity to the most northern US city, after reaching Deadhorse, they took the short flight to Utqiaġvik. And after finding no one there in need of prosthetics, the Halletts instead served the community with a charity event where every child received a toy and educational item. Since starting the Adaptive Humanity Foundation just over a year ago, they've donated 63 prosthetic hands, 14 arms, over 500 prosthetic and orthotic supplies, and more than $75,000 in direct funding.

The reliability of the 125D will be critical as the Halletts continue their journey. Intent on bringing their Adaptive Humanity van to every continent to share their mission, they'll next drive south through Mexico to Argentina. In more temperate climates, the Aqua-Hot heater remains essential by providing continuous 110°-120°F hot water. Then, they'll ship the van to travel through Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and finally Antarctica. A video of the Alaska trip is at

Adaptive Humanity is about venturing beyond one's limitations. The nonprofit side of the organization works in underserved communities by establishing prosthetic and orthotic clinics, providing education and peer support, and delivering direct relief. "We help people become catalysts for change in their own and others' lives," said Hallett. "We want people to explore what they thought wasn't possible." Its website is

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