Aqua-Hot 125 Takes Luxury Expedition Vehicles to New Heights

Aqua-Hot 125 Takes Luxury Expedition Vehicles to New Heights

Aqua-Hot, an Airxcel brand, elevates the niche market of luxury expedition vehicles with the high-altitude ready, 125 Hydronic Heating System. It's now offered on select models of the Rössmonster Overland Baja Truck Camper.

The ultra-compact Aqua Hot 125 series was specially designed for camper vans, Class B motorhomes and smaller expedition vehicles, with both gas and diesel models that can also run off 120V/1500AC shore power. Hydronic heating is a premium environmental comfort product providing moist, even heat with up to 3 heat exchangers and the ability to deliver continuous hot water at 110°-120°F. The system is designed for easy installation and is high-altitude ready, with passive altitude adjustments alleviating the problem of carbon buildup common in other fuel-powered RV heaters.

Built on half, three-quarter and one-ton chassis, the Rössmonster Overland Baja is the ultimate off-grid, off-road, boondocking vehicle designed in-house by the team at Rössmonster Vans. Select Baja editions will feature the Aqua-Hot 125 Hydronic Heating System that reliably creates hot water and cabin heating at elevations up to 16,000 feet.

"Our shop in Longmont, Colorado is already at nearly 5,000 feet above sea level, but the expedition vehicles we build are often going up well beyond that in elevation. Head west from here and in one hour you could reach areas of the Rocky Mountains that are over 14,000 feet," said Ross Williamson, owner of Rössmonster Vans. "And we want to give our clients that ability, that freedom to go anywhere they want and not worry about their rig's performance or their personal comfort."

The Aqua-Hot 125 will perform optimally at elevations up to 16,000 feet with no add-ons needed, a unique ability unmatched by other RV heating systems. Campers can trust its smooth and reliable performance, whether they're beachside or exploring mountain peaks. Other innovative features on the 125 include an updated LCD controller capable of diagnostic read outs and an ingenious all-in-one design that is easy to install and weighs only 70 pounds when full. The versatile range of features on the 125 embraces both the ruggedness and luxury of the Rössmonster Overland Baja Truck Camper, all supported by the Aqua-Hot nationwide network of over 300 service centers.

Rössmonster Vans is in Longmont, Colorado offering both custom-built overland truck campers and camper vans, as well as a fleet of RV rentals. Information on Rössmonster services, rentals and custom builds is at

About Aqua-Hot Heating Systems: Aqua-Hot is located in Frederick, Colorado, offering hydronic heating solutions for diesel, gasoline, propane, and natural gas-powered vehicles. Aqua-Hot is part of Airxcel, Inc., the leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of the most critically functional parts for the RV industry. Learn more about the 125 Hydronic Heating System at

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