Respected Hydronic Heating System Now Has Gas Model

Respected Hydronic Heating System Now Has Gas Model

Whether off the grid or in a campground, owners of rugged overlanders and plush camper vans alike desire comfortable warmth and on-demand hot water. Designed specifically for gasoline-powered Class B RVs and high-altitude use, the new 125G from Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, an Airxcel brand, is the perfect hydronic solution.

Like the proven diesel-powered Aqua-Hot 125D, the new 125G runs off the gasoline the vehicle is already carrying—no supplemental fuel such as propane is needed. The combustion unit is positioned outside the RV for exceptionally quiet operation.

High-altitude-ready, the Aqua-Hot 125G operates efficiently at altitudes up to 16,000 ft. with no conversion kits or add-ons. It automatically adjusts the fuel-to-O2 ratio to optimize the burner flame and provide consistent, reliable heat and hot water. Plus, it won't soot-up or require specialized maintenance due to high altitude use like other systems.

The Aqua-Hot 125G adapts to a wide range of camping scenarios. With its Dual Power Source feature, it can also provide heat and hot water while on 120V shore power.

Independently operated heat exchangers placed strategically throughout the RV can create up to three different heat zones to eliminate cold spots within the camper. These compact heat exchangers can be installed either vertically or horizontally to integrate with various interior configurations.

The 125G heating zones are controlled by an Aqua-Hot LCD Controller or can be mirrored on an OEM's RVC-ready multiplex system. Easy to use, it includes test and diagnostic functions for simple troubleshooting. A Night/Quiet Mode provides ample heat while reducing its already hushed operation further by running the fans at a slower, quieter speed.

The Aqua-Hot 125G provides 0.8 gpm of continuous hot water at 110°–120° F. for cooking, showering or washing dishes. This is an invaluable amenity when camping off the grid in a remote spot.

At a mere 11.5" H x 7.5" W x 17.66" D, the Aqua-Hot 125G is a single, self-contained unit. Fast and easy to install, it's backed by a network of over 300 Aqua-Hot service centers throughout North America.

About Aqua-Hot Heating Systems: Aqua-Hot is located in Frederick, Colorado, offering hydronic heating solutions for diesel, gasoline, propane, and natural gas-powered vehicles. Aqua-Hot is part of Airxcel, Inc., the leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of the most critically functional parts for the RV industry. Learn more about the 125 Hydronic Heating System at

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