Annual Service Kits
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Annual Service Kits
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Annual Service Kits

Everything you need to service and maintain your Aqua-Hot

Includes everything you need to maintain and service your Aqua-Hot, all in an easy to store bag with convenient foam insert for each part.

Each Kit Includes:

  • -  Fuel Filter (FLE-120-100)
  • -  Diesel Nozzle (WPX-886-41A)
  • -  Electrode Adjustment Tool (WPX-310-646)
  • -  Burner Gasket (HDE-700-205)
  • -  Portable Refractometer (MSX-907-162)
  • -  And 1 Quart of Concentrated Boiler Antifreeze:
    • -  Green Kit includes 1 quart of green concentrated boiler antifreeze
    • -  Pink Kit includes 1 quart of concentrated pink boiler antifreeze

Watch how to perform the necessary annual service maintenance on your Aqua-Hot Hydronic Heating System.