Aqua-Hot Glenwood Flooring System - Van
AQUA-HOT Glenwood Flooring System - Inside
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Glenwood Flooring System

Glenwood Flooring System is a subfloor cut specifically to fit:

  • - Mercedes models 144, 170, and 170-EXT
  • - Ford Transit models 148 and 148-EXT
  • - Ram ProMaster models 136, 159, and 159-EXT

Aqua-Hot Part Numbers

  • - GFE-MBZ-144 Mercedes 144
  • - GFE-MBZ-170 Mercedes-170
  • - GFE-MBZ-17X Mercedes 170 EXT
  • - GFE-FRD-STD Ford Transit 148
  • - GFE-FRD-LNG Ford Transit 148 EXT
  • - GFE-RAM-136 Ram 136
  • - GFE-RAM-159 Ram 159
  • - GFE-RAM-15x Ram 159 EXT
Aqua-Hot Glenwood Flooring System

A) Easy, precise, installation – computer cut pieces fit popular models
Sprinter 144, 170, 170 Ext / Transit 148, 148 Ext / Promaster 137, 159, 159 Ext
B) Individually labeled pieces – streamlines installation and ensures each piece fits the specific van
C) Fast, simple connectors – ‘bowtie’ pieces ensure a precise, secure fit of each sub-floor piece
D) Precision mitered channels – simply insert heat dispenser fins and thread pex into place
E) Mistake-free fastening – pre-drilled holes ensure fasteners avoid pex tubing hidden below
F) Aluminum heat dispersion fins – provide consistent and even heat distribution across the floor
G) “What’s below” routed overlay – scoring on overlay floor indicates pex location minimizing mishaps
H) Use with any flooring type – compatible with nearly any type of flooring

  • 100 Series Compatible – Pair any of Aqua-Hot’s 125 lineup with the new Glenwood Flooring System for luxurious radiant floor heating.
  • Touchscreen Functionality – When pairing the Glenwood Flooring System with an Aqua-Hot 125G, 125D, or 125M you can easily control the radiant floor with the integrated color touchscreen of the 125 heating system.
  • Thermostatically Controlled – Thermistor included to ensure your floor is never too hot or too cold.
  • Designed by Aqua-Hot – The convenience of hot water, air heat, and heated floors all supplied by a single, space-saving appliance.
  • Built to Fit – The Glenwood Flooring System is cut to manufacturer’s specifications offering a 3-piece solution for durability paired with heat transfer plates for even distribution of heat.